LockSub featured on Newswatch

LockSub featured on NewsWatch in Washington D.C in December 2019.


The LockSub app leads and jobs in the local area, across the country and worldwide. If you’re looking for locksmith work, you’ll have all the latest jobs at your fingertips.

Developed by locksmiths, the app helps subcontractors sell leads quickly and easily while allowing local locksmiths to purchase those leads, complete the jobs and get paid for the work. The outcome being more jobs completed on a daily basis – great for subcontractors also great for locksmiths. Download the LockSub app today to see how it can benefit your business.

What happens when I buy or accept a job from the LockSub App?
You will be able to view the full address, description and phone number. You can even navigate your way to each job using in app navigation. Once a job is purchased or assigned the customer, it becomes your responsibility to keep informed and updated. All future discussion should then be between the locksmith and the customer.



Download LockSub Today



Once you have downloaded the app please fill in the short questionnaire to check your eligibility to become a subcontractor.

Once accepted you will be able to accept jobs local to you, simply set how far your prepared to travel and take on the jobs you wish to complete.

Once on site with your customer all payments must be made via the LockSub app, use our library to configure the price based on the works carried out and parts supplied.

Each week you are paid a percentage of total works carried out excluding VAT.

For more information please contact us at help@locksub.com.


Fill in your details and a member of our recruitment team will call you back.


Once a job is complete you will be able to fill out the job details and even upload pictures of your job, once you have filled in the fields to complete the job this will show you how much you have earned from this particular job.

As soon as the job is accepted this is now your responsibility to ensure your customer is updated on your ETA, informed about pricing and all communication moving forward should be with the locksmiths.

Your customers will receive a confirmation text with your details as soon as you have accepted the job, please ensure your details and profile are kept up to date.

Feel free to use the in app navigation system whilst en route to your job, if you wish you can send your customer a live link of where you are giving them an accurate eta and letting them know your on your way.